Setup Firebug, Fire Path, XPath Checker

Setup Firebug, Fire Path, XPath Checker

Selenium script is nothing but identify elements (text,text box, links, buttons, checkbox, windows etc.) on webpage and perform operations in order to automate it.
So those elements are identified by locators, (will explain locators in next topic). And above mentioned tools are played important role to identify locators, so install it first.

1.Firebug Installations:

Firebug is Add-on to Firefox browser.

Open Firefox browser–>Tools–>Add-ons–>Extensions–>search for Firbug–>Install

install Firbug for selenium webDriver

Once you install firebug, you will see firebug icon in Firefox browser at top right corner (see in image bellow)

How to use Firebug in Selenium WebDriver

2.FirePath Installation:

Firebug is Add-on to Firebug,Installation process is same like firebug.

Open Firefox browser –>Tools–>Add-ons–>Extensions–>search for Firpath–>Install

install FirePath for selenium webDriver

Once you install Firepath, Restart the Firefox browser, open any website any open Firbug.
In Firebug panel you can see Firpath , from where you can get readymade Xpath which you can use in script ahead.

How to use Firpath for selenium webDriver

3.XPath Checker Installation:

XPath Checker is Addon to Firefox. Installation process is same like firebug

Open Firefox browser –>Tools–>Add-ons–>Extensions–>search for Xpath Checker–>Install

install XPath Checker for selenium webDriver

Once you install XPath Checker ,restart Firefox browser. Open any website in Firefox ,right click on any web element, you can see View xpath option, means Xpath checker is installed.
Click on it, xpath checker window will appear, where you can identify xpath manually.

How to use Xpath Checker for selenium webDriver


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